Our Unique Approach

We at Taylor Co. recognize the important role we play in people’s lives on a daily basis. Creating and maintaining an environment that drives innovation, productivity and collaboration is more important today than it has ever been.

That’s why Taylor Co is committed to “Connecting people to better buildings and communities”.

We feel that same responsibility toward ensuring we provide a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for all of our customers.

From developing long term strategic planning to executing day-to-day initiatives, we ensure that ESG impacts are included and the appropriate factors that affect all stakeholders; from customers, owners, employees, suppliers, our community, and the environment, are taken into consideration.

Our Guiding Principles

We take a long-term view when considering the health of our buildings, the individuals that come to work or visit those properties as well as the impact that our built environment has on the health of our planet.

That provides the foundation for decision making and sets the framework for creating better buildings while delivering long-term value to all of our stakeholders.

Do The Right Thing
We do the right thing for our people and assets
We measure & continually improve our ESG performance
We seek out and engage a wide range of perspectives and experiences
We seek out and embrace new ESG management practices and technologies

Our Areas of Focus


At Taylor Co. we acknowledge the impacts that releasing GHGs into the atmosphere have had and continue to contribute to our changing climate. The science is clear that as a society, we must severely limit the amount of GHG that get released and shift to a low carbon economy over the coming decades.


climate risk

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs)

Ensure you are measuring and tracking key contributors to your energy and GHG footprint. That’s why at Taylor Co we ensure we’ve got good visibility on all energy consumptions at a building-by-building basis and the ability to drill down on a process by process basis so that we can recommend opportunities to increase efficiencies thereby reducing our energy, lowering our GHGs and creating long term value by savings ongoing operating costs.

Climate Resilience

A changing climate will create new stresses and risks for our built environment. Those hundred year scenarios are recurring all too often and understanding what risks or opportunities exist throughout our portfolio will result in the ability to deliver long-term solutions necessary to mitigate or adapt to that uncertain future.

circular economy

Energy & Waste & Water

By engaging key customers and suppliers, Taylor Co. is able to identify areas to leverage efficiencies or opportunities to reuse, repurpose or recycle and contribute to the development of a circular economy within the communities where we operate.


Taylor Co’s commitment to connect people to better buildings and communities means we want to reach beyond the physical buildings that we work in and engage with all relevant stakeholders to develop a clear understanding of our shared objectives and create scenarios where there is mutual benefit for everyone involved.



Employee Engagement

At Taylor Co, we attract, retain and develop a diverse group of top-quality individuals because we care about our colleagues and take an active role in engaging them on key issues that impact their lives while at work but outside of work.

We also take a active role in sharing the best of what we have created and developed with our customers, owners and suppliers so that we are helping to create the types of communities that thrive by having a diverse set of perspectives but shared successes.

Gender and Racial Diversity & Equality

We strive to maintain an environment of equality and opportunity where people feel safe, respected, are recognized for their contributions and have the ability to achieve the levels of success they desire.


At Taylor Co, we acknowledge that no two individuals have had the same experiences, come from the same background or have had the same opportunities and as a result, we attempt to create open and accessible environments for everyone – from the physical accessibility to our properties to the more intangible aspects of the communities where we operate.


Customer Engagement

Taylor’s customer first focus means we are only as successful as our customers and there is no better way to understand and contribute to their success than by having an open and transparent relationship with our customers. By creating that win-win relationship in our buildings, we ensure long term success for the property and enhance the long-term value for the owners.


Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in our properties means creating the types of services and amenities that customers utilize and appreciate. While certifications and standards can be leveraged as guiding principles – to truly deliver a product that enhances peoples physical and mental wellbeing means to ensure we can create the type of environments that are flexible enough to deliver a wide array of services to the community.


Human beings have an innate connection with nature that has existed throughout civilization, and we try to acknowledge that relationship in our properties. By finding opportunities to bring in aspects of the natural world through unique design features or by incorporating the outside amenities into each of our properties we are focused on providing that connection to our outside environments.

Land Acknowledgements


We acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal territories
in the communities in which we operate.

In Mississauga, the land on which we operate is
the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabe.

In Toronto, Burlington and Markham, the land on which we operate is
the traditional territory of the Wendat, the Anishnaabe, Haudenosaunee,
Métis, and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

To learn more about the land you live or gather on,
check out native-land.ca